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Why should I buy Quora Downvotes?

Quora is by far the most popular question and answer website worldwide. According to their own statistics, more than 20 million different questions have been asked by their users. Due to the vast amount of members the website has, there are consequently also many different answers to each of the 20 million questions. Quora uses a complex algorithm in order to determine the popularity of each question and answer, which also decide the order in which they are displayed. Meaning the more Upvotes you get, the higher you are displayed in order, giving you more traffic and exposure to anyone that clicks on that question. On the other hand, an answers with many Downvotes is ranked lower by the algorithm, making it less visible to others and ranking it towards the bottom of the website.

For instance, if you are engaging in a very competitive question and are trying to grab traffic from any users accessing the question, it can make it really lucrative for you to buy Quora downvotes for answers that are competing against the answer you want to see at the top. Buying Downvotes for other answers makes them less visible and gives yourself a better opportunity to go for the first place. Moreover, we also have many customers that are asking questions themselves and are not satisfied with the top answer and want this answer to be less visible to others for various reasons, ranking it towards the end of the page.

We know due to vast size for Quora and it ever growing competition it can turn buying downvotes a really profitable purchase. All of our Up- and Downvotes are coming from REAL and ACTIVE Quora users and certify our service as completely safe and secure. We do understand that Quora has many links that are highly ranked in Google and Bing, which makes many of our customers depend on a good ranking in Quora in order to maintain their success. Buy Quora Answer Downvotes now and join many other satisfied customers.

How to buy Quora Downvotes?

Our website implemented a really simple way of how to purchase Quora Downvotes. You can select between various quantities with the cheapest starting from only 3$ for 10 Downvotes. During the Checkout process, you need to copy/paste the link of the answer which you want to receive the Downvotes on and within a few hours, we will start sending the Downvotes.

If you prefer a bigger quantity or have any other inquiries please feel free to send us an email or contact our support via the Live Chat. We will be happy to assist you!