Privacy Policy


• Our serviced can be used for digital advertising for Quora and Reddit.

• In rare occasions our services are delivered after the due date indicated on the order page of the website. This is considered to be absolutely normal. Contact our support team via the live chat or email if your order is not delivered on time. We will find a common solution.

• Always use any of our service at your own risk. We are in no way responsible for the consequences, benefits or disadvantages that may result from the use of our service. The responsibility of a purchase, is completely in the hands of the buyer/customer.

• All the accounts in our services are considered to be semi-active users. That's why our followers generally do not engaged on your Reddit or Quora profile, other than doing the service that you have ordered.

• We offer no guarantee or any kind of replacement for Up- and Downvotes, Followers or Views.



• You agree that once payment is made, you will not be able to start any fraudulent chargeback or dispute for any reason.

• You can request a cancellation of the order if your order has not been completed within 10 days.

• You will not be able to receive any refunds if your profile has been suspended because it contains spam, fraud, DDOS and other illegal content.

• By purchasing on our website, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service used by PayPal and agree that none of its rules will be broken.



• It is not allowed to copy any programming, image or content used on the VoteMeUp. o website without the written consent of a official representative.



• These Terms of Use are modifiable by at any time. Changes will be announced on the date indicated on our website.

• Disclaimer: We will not replace any kind of malfunction that does not fall into our area of responsibility. All of our services only include the enrichment of a network profile on either Quora or Reddit. However, we can not guarantee any permanence of the services. With the delivery of the ordered quantity of Upvotes, Downvotes, Followers or Views – all of our services are seen as completed.

• Liabilities: is in no way responsible if any account is deleted by the network of quora or reddit.