Buy Reddit Downvotes

What is a Downvote on Reddit?

Reddit is a Social Network like many others, that lets its users decide which posts are recognized as popular and which not. In order to do that, Reddit considers, among other things, the amount of Upvotes and Downvotes a Thread or Comment received by other Reddit users and evaluates the popularity of each post through this. That is visible by a percentage on the bottom of the Thread and is visible to everyone. Logically, a post with many Upvotes and only a few Downvotes is considered to be popular, whereas on the other hand a post with many Downvotes and some Upvotes is considered to be unpopular. There can be certain benefits for a thread or comment to be downvoted, which will be further evaluated in the following paragraphs.

Generally speaking, there can be two essential reasons to buy Reddit Downvotes. After all, if Reddit considers your post to be over proportionate unpopular, there are two main consequences the author of the thread or comment can expect. Primarily, Reddit will in no way try to promote the post in the network, but rather try to hide it from the community and make it more difficult to find the post. That makes it certainly impossible for the post to be on the first page of the subreddit, let alone reaching the front page of Reddit. Instead of the potential millions of users that could be reached through the post, Reddit shows it to almost nobody, making the post de facto none existent in the network.

For instance, this can be very helpful, if you want to make an unpleasant comment under your post or a complete thread less visible in the whole network and only appear at the complete bottom of a thread or subreddit, immensely decreasing the amount of attention this post will receive.

Furthermore, getting many downvotes on a Comment or Thread also results in a decrease in the users' karma, which can be harmful for the reputation and may limit the user in posting in future, for example facing a subreddit karma limitations on posting.

How to buy Downvotes on Reddit?

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