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What is Quora and why should I have an account?

Quora is the world’s leading question-and-answer website. Its users can ask any question and there will most likely be another member willing to answer it in depth. The range of question on Quora can go from a simple everyday questions up to extremely difficult topics. Quora has approximately 300 million visitors each month and among its members are experts in various fields, making it possible for you to literally ask anything. All you need in order to answer or ask a question is simply creating an account on the website and you are ready to start!

At the same time, many questions on Quora also ask for a piece of advice and give the members the chance to answer with a website or advertisement for their own business. In fact, there is a big competition among Quora users to be the top answer, which equals big exposure and potential traffic to your mentioned business or website. Sometimes there can be dozens of answers that are contending for a single spot – the first answer, which gets displayed to everyone that visits the thread. Due to the fact that Quora is a question and answer platform for all kind of matters, it allows its users to do such kind of advertisement and it can eventually be really lucrative for users to engage in this kind of advertising. Among our big group of business customers, there are many that solely depend on the traffic that comes directly from Quora. Even while searching for something on Google, Quora often is on the first page and is able to grab lots of traffic.

Yet, the more answers and views a post has, the more difficult it gets to rank as the first answer. Quora uses a unique algorithm that especially evaluates the ratio of Up- and Downvotes an answer got. Logically, an answer with many Upvotes and few Downvotes is going to be ranked at a much higher position than an answer with many Downvotes and only little Upvotes. This makes buying Quora Upvotes a really promising strategy. With the help of our high quality and cheap Upvotes, we can assist you in getting a top spot in the ranking in order to have the chance to get the most attention and traffic on the whole thread. Together with the good ranking of Quora in Google, that gives you the ideal Quora SEO boost for your answer/business/website.

How to buy Quora Upvotes?

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